There are not limitations, except the limits of our own imagination.        Our future depends on our choices now.        Everything happens for a reason.
We are not Human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are Spiritual beings having a human experience!

Session Preperation

I am not a medical doctor. I am not a “healer”. I only guide the session step by step and invite your own Subconscious (SC) to help you. The difference between having a QHHT session and having any other kind of sessions is: YOU BECOME YOUR OWN PSYCHIC HEALER.

The session takes about 4 hours and starts with an interview, journey into a past life, journey into spirit world. The last part is communicating with your Subconscious – getting answers to your questions; physical and emotional healing. The most important part of this technique is contacting the Subconscious and getting the therapy done. After the session we have a talk about it. I will e-mail the recording to you. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE RECORDING as you will not clearly remember all what was said, especially when we get into spirit world and start talking to SC. It is also very important to listen the record and make sure you fallow SC advices.


Bring your LIST OF QUESTION about Health, Relationship ,Career, Life Purpose  (these are the most popular ones). The Subconscious mind usually does not answer all questions – but some of them will be answered extensively. Higher Self views your life from a very different angle then your Conscious Mind, as it is beyond Time and Space and knows all about your Soul’s Evolution.

Make sure you have GOOD NIGHT SLEEP on the night before the session. Hypnosis is NOT SLEEP, but if you are very tired and sleepy – you can just slide into delta brainwaves (usual sleep).

DO NOT DRINK COFFEE or CAFFEINATED DRINKS on the day of the session as it increases anxiety and keeps you more awake. Also – coffee is a diuretic, and we want to avoid bathroom breaks during the session.

Come with OPENED MIND! We never know what will happen during QHHT session, what kind of past life or previous existence you will experience, how deep you will be able to go into spirit world, who will you meet there and what kind of advice and healing you will get. The sessions are orchestrated by your Subconscious – it will show and tell you WHAT YOU NEED, and not necessarily what you want…Even when it comes to healing.


Please let me know how regression has affected your life.