There are not limitations, except the limits of our own imagination.        Our future depends on our choices now.        Everything happens for a reason.
We are not Human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are Spiritual beings having a human experience!

About Me

didiMy name is Dimitrina Yorgova. I live in Richmond, Virginia, USA. I was born and raised in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. I hold a Master’s degree in Pedagogy and had been a teacher for 25 years in my country. I always have been involved in metaphysics and I spent many years reading and researching of the field of Spiritual knowledge. I have been interested in Meditation, Human conscious, Universe, Law of Karma and Reincarnation, when I was about 20 years old. My first Spiritual teacher was Master Beinsa Douno (Petar Danov). I have been using the knowledge of his books and lectures in my life to understand it and in my work to improve it. I have found that there are some questions, which most human beings ask: “ Who am I? What is my Life’s purpose? Why I am here?” I began to ask myself when I was about 17 years old. At that time my father unexpectedly passed away. His body was the first dead human body I had ever seen. When I saw it, I “knew”- he (his spirit) wasn’t in that dead body! Years later my grandmothers passed away and I had a “conversation” with their Spirits from “the other side”. I learned facts, which I hadn’t known before. These facts were proven from my mother and my aunt. It was a huge push to the path of my Spiritual awakening! It was just the beginning of a life-long PASSION to make sense of everything that happened in my life: many big challenges, huge transitions and transformations.

I always had a choice, but according to my intuition and believe system I have always chosen the hardest and the most difficult path. Now, looking back, I don’t regret any of my choices. If you trust yourself you cannot say “yes”, if everything in you is screaming “no”. Everything happens for a reason! People we meet, even for a little while, no matter how they affecting our life, are bringing a message to us if we have the sense to recognize it! We are making the right choice if we feel peaceful about it. Our body gives us a sign. If your choice is wrong, you will feel tension. You will do the right thing if you are listening to the quiet voice of your heart- your intuition. Yes, I was tested in many unexpectedly and hard ways. I’m still walking on my own path, but I am glad of how I’ve managed; I like what I’m doing and how I’ve changed myself.

Reading and researching are what come naturally to me. The path of my awakening and beliefs was a slow and difficultly process – the Universe gives me strong “teachers”, but everyone has to find their own truth alone, to believe it! Yes, we are here to learn lessons, to improve ourselves, and to be able to practice unconditional Love! I am still learning how to do it. The most difficult and hardest karmic lessons I’ve learned in the US! Since  I have stopped fighting with the situations and simply accepted them, I began to understand why I choose a career in teaching; why I left this career in its peak; why I left my peaceful life in Bulgaria, to live here, in the USA, without speaking English in the beginning. This decision was the biggest challenge in my life! I have some answers and now I know why I always have deep interest in the Spiritual world. The Universe always gives us as much difficulty as we are able to handle. Learning English and continuing my self-discovery by reading about reincarnation, past lives, the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction, I discovered by MY OWN EXPERIENCE the power of human emotions and how they depend on the way of thinking – positive or negative. How this influences our physical body and affects our whole life! As Louise Hay said:” If you are willing to change your way of thinking, you can change your life!” Her experience about affirmations (which are positive suggestions to the mind) is amazing! If you think you CAN or you CANNOT you are right! I found I have been using instinctively the Method of sending positive suggestions to the mind during the years in my success work with students and parents, my family, my friends and my own everyday life. For example:” You are very strong and you can do it! “You did great job and I see you are getting much better and stronger!”

Many years later, here in the US, expanding my knowledge by reading American authors, studding Clinical Hypnosis and specializing in Past Lives Regression Therapy, I found that the same method of sending suggestions to the mind is the main component of Hypnosis Therapy! This method always works! We are receiving suggestion constantly by our parents, teachers, friends, politicians, newspapers and TV. By consciously choosing to think positively, we can use our power of intention and inspiration! It is about the frequencies of vibration. They are energy, by which we are connecting with each other and with the Universe. It is the Universal Law of Attraction! You can do it by yourself or you can use Hypnosis Method of sending suggestions to the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious is specific, intelligent and very powerful Energy! It is able to change the material world. I was very fascinated by the experience of Dr. Brian Weiss. I had the fortune to read his first book at a time when my life was completely destroyed. I do not think this happened by chance! The information in his book gave me another point of view regarding the problems I faced at that time. I survived because I had the courage to see the world differently! It was over twenty years ago. Here, in the USA, I discovered many great teachers and authors: Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch, and more. I am very impressed by Gregg Braden – best-selling author whose pioneering work bridges science and spirituality! I spend most of my spare time reading about my favorite topics. That is how I discovered Dolores Cannon – the world’s foremost Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, and I “fell in love with her”.

I was reading about her over 45 years of experience and knowledge that she is sharing in her books, videos and conferences. I had the opportunity and privilege of training in her unique method of hypnotherapy, which she developed and refined for over 30 years – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy [QHHT]. The first component of it is Past Life Regression. This is my favorite form of hypnosis, as it allows time travel into different times and places and eliminates roots of fears and even physical illnesses, and also trace relationships trough many lifetimes and finds hidden abilities useful for the current life! This technique works with the deepest level of trance- the Theta brain state, where we can have access to the Subconscious. The Technique allows finding a better understanding of the issues in current life and helps release them. The Subconscious always select the most appropriate past life to re-experience, and never gives the clients more then they can handle. My role in the process is to assist the clients with any issues they dealing with. Past life regression is a great tool with which to get access to the Highest mind and obtain information about who you really are; what your purpose is; why something has happened; where your fears and phobias come from; how you relate with others in your life; to understand your emotions; to relieve grief, and more. As Dolores said, according to her experience: ”We are here to learn about emotions and limitations, and our purpose is to help others.” Knowledge of this always releases the negativity and moved forward. It is 21 Century, when the answers are found and proven by Quantum Physics. Thousands of people have experienced it and there is a lot of video information available on Internet.

I am so excited to announce my accreditation in QHHT! I am proud to be a QHHT Practitioner and to participate in our online Community! I know: Past life Regression can show people that they are much more than what they think they are! You can find yourself learning about yourself. You can understand yourself and others and this is a huge “A-ha”! This is a pure Spiritual journey! My understanding about my own soul path is now much more full and complete. I have taken training [Level 1 and Level 2] in person with Dolores Cannon and I am certified to practice her method for my own clients. I also am certified in Clinical Hypnosis and I am member of American International Association of Hypnosis.

What makes me happy? If I can help someone to see the world from another point of view. That is why I became practitioner. My purpose is to help others in their search for spirituality by their own experience. I really believe my practice will help them to remember who they are; why they are right here and right now; to understand and to heal the present, and to create the future! I deeply believe, because I know, QHHT can provide instantly healing by connection with the Subconscious, which is intelligent, pure Energy! We are energy! Everything is Energy! The Human body is a complex energetic system comprised of hundreds of small interactive fields of energy. At the Quantum Level we are simply patterns of light and information. Change the pattern, change the vibration frequency, and you change the condition. In other words, change your way of thinking and you can change your life!

We are not Human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are Spiritual beings having a human experience!

Our Past Lives are our Cosmic journey.

My Journey does not stop here. It continues with everyone I come into contact, with their unique life-experience, needs and problems. We all have Stories to share so we can learn from each other to transform and to grow. Even during the Sessions we are sharing stories and also learning, healing, and exploring this Source of Intelligent knowledge step by step, life by life.

This is my story and my slow and arduous path to Spiritual knowledge so far. What do I want to do next? I want to help others to find their path by their own experience and to move forward. My primary focus is practicing Dolores Cannon’s QHHT.